I was raised in the Finger Lakes Region from upstate New York. Following military service in the 60’s I attended the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy. My career was in hospital pharmacy, clinical education, and on faculty at Brown University School of Medicine and the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy. During my career years I used a 35mm Minolta SLR for shooting family outings and travel.

 I never took photography seriously until one day the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS} did a special on Ansel Adams. I was hooked, and from that point forward I became obsessed  with photography. Self taught I studied the works of Joel Tjintjelaar, Hengki Koentjoro, Julia Anna Gospodarou, Keith Aggett, and Michael Kenna. I found my niche, ‘Fine Art Back and White Photography Long Exposure in Architecture.’

In 2014 my baptisn started with a workshop in New York City with the BW Vision Explorers: Joel Tjintjelaar, Sharon Tenenbaum, Armand Djicks, and guest Marc Koegel. I then followed up with a lengthy mentorship under Joel Tjintjelaar. My focus is fine art photography black and white long exposure architecture. However land and seascapes, color fine art, and artistic still life have been added to my photography genres.

 I always ask myself, “What excites me about the scene before I push the shutter release.” I find that fine art photography communicates an emotional experience particularly long exposure. My long exposures move away from the real world as you see it. They appear dramatized, with aesthetic emphasis on light, shadow, and shape. The camera is only a means of expression. No one can express what I feel better than myself and digital darkroom is my canvas and brush. The artist Jackson Pollock sums it up best, “It doesn’t make much difference how the paint is put on, as long as something is said.”

I have received international recognition and awards for my creations. Additionally, I am committed to giving back to begining fine art photographers through my blog articles and mentoring, sharing what I have learned from those who have given me help and inspiration.