Recently I spent several hours checking out a new lens for my wish list. I did my due diligence comparing B&H Photography with Adorama as well as reading all the reviews. Then I recalled an article by Jocelyn K. Glei Is Consumerism Killing our creativity. “All of a sudden it’s four hours later. You’ve found the perfect lens (camera), but your purchasing triumph is tainted by a creeping feeling of well, guilt. Couldn’t that time have been better spent?” Probably.


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Honoring Santiago Calatrava

I am currently processing the Santiago Calatrava Florida Polytechnic University Science and Technology Building. The famed architect, Santiago Calatrava distinguishes his creations with precise definition in structure surrounding the base building setting himself apart from all other contemporary architects. My vision is to honor his precision with sharp lines and a background with complementary mid grays on the base building for a black and white fine art photograph.


Florida Polytechnic University Science and Technology Building

Florida Polytechnic University Science and Technology Building


Critiquing and Evaluating

The photograph is a long exposure taken at high noon with cloud cover. Numerous shadowed lines resulted in distasteful distractions onto the building. Upon closer examination these shadowy lines contained pixelated artifacts needing removal. Thus far in my digital darkroom I’ve completed 168 iterations and still counting. Would a better lens produce a better original color version making my processing more efficient and faster? Would a better set of brushes used by an artist produce a better painting. Probably not, for the artist in the painter is starting with a blank canvas ending with their final creation. For the photographer in me I am starting with a physical tangible structure seen above with its shadowy imperfections requiring plastic surgery taking several weeks and 178 iterations thus far to complete my vision for this magnificent edifice.


Florida Polytechnic University Science and Technology Building

Working on 168 Iterations


What Should Matter More: Camera or Creativity – Leo Francis

An award winning photographer from the U.K., Leo Francis in his editorial What Should Matter More to a photographer: Camera or Creativity states the following,”The photographer’s vision and camera with all essential equipment go hand-in-hand.” He further suggests that the photographer’s vision is key and having the right tools enables you to capture what is in your mind and translate it into a creation. That being said I do believe it’s time I work smarter not harder thus becoming more efficient.


Back To When Do I Purchase A New Lens or should I ask why? Comparing the lens I used for photographing the Calatrava with the my future lens, the picture quality results were significantly better on all counts for the new lens including sharpness, detail, and more vivid color from the original version used for converting to black and white. Chromatic aberrations were non existing. What impressed me more was the absence of vignetting at the lowest focal length. In all likely hood the lens in question may not provide the viewer/audience with more emotion, a better composition with presence, or a visual style creating a statement. It will however make it easier, more efficient, and faster to create my final vision in my digital darkroom with greater clarity.