“I’ve known Richard for quite some time and he is one of the most enthusiastic artists I know. For me enthusiasm is one of the best qualities an artist could have, because it keeps you searching, it keeps you experimenting and pushing the limits, in one word it keeps you creating. Richard does all this and his work shows in the best way the passion he puts into creating it. He is bringing his passion for life in his art work and this makes his creation unique and very emotional for the viewer. It is not easy to move someone with your art but Richard manages to do this because he knows how to put his own passion and kind soul into the work he makes. He is constantly searching for new ways of expressing himself, he is immersing himself into fine art photography which allows his creativity to unfold and move whomever is looking at his work. He has the joy and the curiosity of a young kid combined with the experience of an accomplished adult who knows what to pick from his life experiences to translate into his photography. Richard is a beautiful artist and his future in fine art photography is announcing itself to be brilliant. I can’t wait to see how Richard will evolve in the next few years.”

Julia Anna Gospodarou

Fine art photographer | Educator | Author | Master Architect, www.juliaannagospodarou.com

“Incredible photographs, Richard! You really do succeed in portraying your passion for your subjects. I’m impressed, as always! All I can say, since I’m not knowledgeable about photography, is wow. I enjoyed navigating this clean, attractive, modern website, too. The buttons work well, and so rapidly. The black background is elegant, rather than somber, as I found your old website to be. This design is perfect for drawing an observer into the black-and-white photographs, with your use of just a pop of brilliant color light(s) and highlights in some. You call attention, quietly and naturally, to what you want to emphasize. And the feeling of movement on the site is important to me, too. The size of each photograph shown is crisply clear. It’s easy, too, to enlarge and return to the original. The entire effect generates a respectful, simple formality; you show yourself as thoroughly professional.

Marie Carluccio

“I’ve met Rich Terpolilli for the first time on one of the many photo sharing websites. What struck me was that he was more than just an admirer of beautiful photographs. He also wanted to create those photographs himself. And he started asking questions.

Then I met him in New York in April 2014 at one of the workshops I was teaching. And he kept asking more questions. Even though Richard is a more senior man than I am, I had a hard time keeping up with him, chasing photo opportunities and beautiful architecture in the streets of New York. After a few months, Richard joined one of my online mentorship programs. Of course, he asked even more questions!

This is all testament of the inquisitive mind of a man who feels passionate about life, about beauty and about the art he was learning to create. And he started creating beautiful fine art photographs with a dedication and passion that characterize the committed artist. Richard is committed to creating beautiful art and to express his interpretation of the world he lives in, in an aesthetic, personal and moving way.

Up to this day, I still receive questions from Richard, but seeing his art come to life and the pleasure and enthusiasm that he’s exuding, I am honored to know this man, to enjoy his photographs and answer all his questions!”

Joel Tjintjelaar

Fine Art photographer | Educator | Author | Genius, www.bwvision.com

Ever since meeting Richard during one of our Vision Explorers workshops it’s been great to follow his journey into fine art photography. He’s one of those rare people who realizes that all the information gained from workshops, tutorials and books are a great way to get started, but that the real learning ultimately starts with committing to following one’s own path as an artist.

Armand Dijcks

Cinematographer | Artist, http://armanddijcks.com/

The truly educated never graduate” Rich Terpolilli is a living example.

I first met Rich in a Workshop I was co-teaching in New York in April 2014 and initially received the impression that he was another one of those people that retire and was looking to half busy himself with his hobby of photography. I was very quickly corrected. For Rich, photography is an art and certainly not a hobby! I was at awe at his passion and commitment to enhancing his art. Under the mentorship of Joel Tjinjelaar, Rich’s vision and technique improved exponentially. He is an example of a true artist that keeps improving and re-inventing himself with the tenacity of a teenager yet the wisdom and patience much beyond his years. I can only wish to have half of that ability.

Rich’s work exemplify not just the big picture vision of an artist, but also the meticulous attention to detail and perfection. However, what makes Rich exceptional beyond his talent and dedication to art is his kind and caring nature. Always there for an encouraging, supportive or appreciative word, and much more than once a warm virtual hug.

A true mensch J.

With utter appreciation.

Sharon Tenenbaum

Fine art photographer , www.sharontenenbaum.com

Richard T. has a burning desire to see the world in living color by championing its tones in a multitude of shades of gray. This ambitious journey has lead him to see out every nuance of light and shadow. What is the object? – To be enriched in heart and spirit by the final results of expression. He will feel complete when there is no more to change.

Laurence Gartel