I prefer small group workshops one to three and one on one instruction as they are personally tailored to fit your needs. From beginner to enthusiasts, one on one workshops and mentorships consists of basic camera functions, on site photography techniques and post processing using Lightroom cc and Photoshop cc. There is pleasure in my time spent with each student as you gain confidence in creating your images while developing your visual style. I love to give back and help sharing my techniques and witnessing the excitement in your eyes as you develop your creations.You can also contact me at shortgras@gmail.com.

  • On site workshops are flexible and customized to fit your needs from one day to four days. Classes are localized in Martin, Palm Beach County and can reach south to Miami for architecture and cityscapes. Mutually agreed details and price are discussed during our initial consultation.
  • Mentorships last longer and are accomplished on line. Duration of mentoring Depends upon the extent to which you want to raise your standards in fine art photography. Each session is approximately one and a half to two hours minimally for one month; two weeks on, one week off and two weeks on using Skype or Zoom. I encourage students to record each session for their library for future use.                      
  • Duration of mentorship is solely up to the mentee priced at $300 per month.
  • Price is reduced accordingly for less than four week sessions if brush up techniques is all that is required by you.
  • For Photoshop instruction I encourage the use of an extension using Joel Tjintjelaar’s Quick Mask Pro and BW Artisan Pro. These two extensions have taken all the mystery out of Photoshop from selections, channel masking, luminosity masking, converting to black and white, basic adjustments and advanced adjustments for toning and black and white split toning. You can view these extensions as well as a preview video of how they work at https://www.bwvision.com/products/#software